As Prices Soar, AAA Shares Gas-Saving Tips

As Prices Soar, AAA Shares Gas-Saving Tips

Earlier this month, SFDPH officials announced it was lifting Columbia escort its proof of vaccination requirement for several indoor businesses, citing declining COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations locally, as well as the city’s overall high vaccination rate. Despite the eased restrictions, city officials said individual businesses would still be able to implement their own proof of vaccination requirements if they deemed it necessary.

According to Chase Center officials, although the basketball game and concert venue will drop the vaccination and negative test requirement, all eventgoers who are not vaccinated are still required to wear a mask within the Chase Center at all times unless they’re actively eating or drinking. Those who don’t comply could be asked to leave the venue.

More information about the updated policies and other ways to stay safe while attending Chase Center events can be found at chasecenter/fan-safety.

The Water Cooler – Should UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon Etc. Be Required To Knock Or Ring Doorbell When They Deliver A Package?

The “Water Cooler” is a feature on Claycord where we ask you a question or provide a topic, and you talk about it.

QUESTION: Do you think UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon etc. should be required to knock on your door or ring your doorbell when they deliver a package to your doorstep?

With gas prices soaring to a shocking average of $5.92 per gallon in the San Francisco metro area Saturday, the Automobile Association of America is offering tips on how to save on gas.

The association reported an average price of $5.92 for regular unleaded gas in the San Francisco metro, which includes San Mateo County. The price was $5.84 per gallon in the East Bay, $5.83 in the South Bay and $5.92 in the North Bay. All prices are the highest recorded on Saturday.

One of the most effective ways to save on gas is to slow down and drive the speed limit, according to AAA. On the highway, aerodynamic drag causes fuel economy to drop off significantly as speeds increase above 50 mph.

Those craving a fast hit of coffee or a burger should avoid the drive-through lane. Prolonged idling is one of the biggest wastes of gas – plus it releases pollutant into the atmosphere.

When driving in town, motorists should adjust their speed to time the traffic lights. This reduces repeated braking and acceleration that consume additional fuel, AAA said.

When approaching a red light or stop sign, drivers should coast down to a slower speed until it is time to brake.

Concord City Council Considers Giving Itself A Pay Raise

A city ordinance has to be amended and the new rate wouldn’t take effect until after the city council election.

people (not all of us are developer) but already generating $4M of net income last year(not try to brag on it, since I’m sure we’re not the best) and by the way we did end-year party last night I am pretty sure it’s more than doubled. We choose not to raise fund or sell IPO because we feel steadier without it. Unless you have great growth that can ensure market (remember, todays market is mostly based on fear) or you have great trouble and IPO is the only thing that can save you, don’t enter the market 🙂

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